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As we enter a New Era, it's time for a New Paradigm in Personal Development...

After years of presenting at Yoga conferences, we realized that even after more than 80 years of being in the West, Yoga is still in its infancy in the West.

There still is a massive gap between what we call “yoga” - a fitness class, and the profound promise it was meant to fulfill - nothing short of unfolding of our full human potential.

The thing that no one ever points out is that “yoga” as a fitness modality cannot take you to the Personal Freedom that you seek on its own - because it's incomplete!

Up until now, even if you wanted to go deeper and higher with Yoga, there wasn’t an accessible, structured way to make progress in this subtler dimension of Yoga…

You either had to follow a Guru worshipped on a pedestal or settle for the yoga fitness classes. There was no bridge between the traditional Yoga of the Masters, and the contemporary yoga classes that have become so popular. 

If you're not using Yoga to propel your Life forward, you're missing the point!

Visionary Yoga offers a clear, structured system to applying the Inner Principles of Yoga as they relate to your Business, Career, Relationships, Time & Money Freedom, and your Health & Wellbeing. 

Step by step, you will deepen your understanding of the sublime principles the Enlightened Masters illuminated for us in a way that is 100% relevant to where you are now.

We put a laser focus on where you are ripe for your Next Breakthrough.

And we'll support you and hold you accountable until you make that break through!

Here's a look at everything you'll have access to each month as a Founding Member of Visionary Yoga...

Powerful Live MasterClass Every Month

Perspective-shifting MasterClass on making Quantum Leaps and achieving Peak Performance in your life.

Live Visionary Yoga Sessions Tailored to Your Needs

Inspiring LIVE Yoga Sessions that meet you right where you are. Designed to remove emotional blocks, and break through your limiting patters.

High Frequency Meditations

That install new insights and help you to become a vibrational Match to your Vision.


Laser Coaching and

Q & A Sessions

A Results-Oriented Coaching and Q&A Session to get you unstuck and build unstoppable momentum towards your Dreams. 

Amazing Community of Visionary Thinkers

In our private, members-only Facebook community, you can share ideas, receive and provide support. You will be surrounded by other people who “get it,” and who are committed to their own success, as well as the success of others.

Core Curriculum That Takes You From Here to There

On the Path of Personal Growth, it's easy to feel lost without a proven, time-tested structure. That's why we've created this powerful Core Curriculum that will set you up for life-long success!

PLUS, these AMAZING Bonuses that

Make Joining An Absolute No-Brainer!


BONUS #1: 

The 30 Day Visionary Yoga Challenge Course
($197 Value)


11 Day Visionary Meditation Course
($97 Value)


$250 Gift Certificate  towards Visionary Retreats!
Next one's in Tuscany in June 2021!


TWO tickets to Vision2Reality LIVE!
Virtual Experience
($400 Value)

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Founding Members get the best pricing the membership will ever be offered at.

Plus you will have the opportunity to provide feedback that will help shape this program into an even more powerful and effective place to help growth-seeking people for years to come.



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